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// 5 seconds of summer //



One year ago today, I met 5 seconds of summer. My friends think it’s ridiculous that I remember the dates of
“it’s been 3 months”
“it’s been 9 months!”
but the thing is, none of them get exactly why I remember them.

July 16th 2013.
Started off as a normal day, ended as the best day of my life.

Meeting them has brought me a whole new level of happiness and self confidence to my life. When I met them, I actually met Ashton first. He came off the bus shirtless and once he saw me he was like “hey babe!” and we just talked. It was their day off, he was not forced to talk to me; nor was he forced to stay back and take a picture with me.

but he did.

When John Delf came off the bus, he walked over to us and explained that the rest of the boys would come off one by one seen as it was their day off and didn’t want to interrupt their day, especially since it was Luke’s birthday.

Soon enough, Liz walked off the bus followed by three cuddly looking tired boys. They walked over to me and told me hi and asked how I was doing. The first thing I did was tell luke happy birthday and gave him $11.00. He smiled and gave me the biggest, tightest hug I have ever received. I told them that I thought they were coming off one by one and they all shook their heads and said “that’s what they told us to do, but we wanted to come out and say “hi” and so they did. We talked for a while, calum told a joke that he thought was hilarious but I was the only one laughing besides him (because let’s face it, how could I not laugh)

After quite some time, Calum asked if I wanted to sing happy birthday to Luke with them, to which I said yes, and after singing, he hugged me again. (hug count. 3)

"soooo babe. Do you wanna take a picture?"

That was the best thing Michael Clifford has ever asked me.

After taking pictures, Luke and Michael asked how we knew it was them.

"eh. Something in my heart told me"
aka my bestfriend but hey… It was cute.

Meeting them was so amazing. They made me realize that they love the family so much and that they are really just normal boys that are living an amazing dream.

July 16th, 2013.

It started as a normal day.

It ended like a dream.

And no matter what, I’ll always know them as the band brought to me by fate and a wish.


Me: *casually walking down the CD aisle*
Girl to her friend: omg! Luke looks so hot but I can't see his beautiful face when he looks down!
Me being the nosy lil shit I am: You know that's Ashton right?
Girl: Whatever, You can have him I don't like British guys anyway
Me: You need help.




No Ashton…. Don’t lick the bus

Me: *sees Luke in public with his mum*omg is that...
Luke: yes it's me
Me: ...Liz Hemmings?!?*pushes past Luke and fangirls over his mum*


They don’t lie

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AU: One day you had accidentally called Ashton ‘daddy’ in front of the boys and from then on the boys won’t stop teasing Ashton about it.

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so save me from who i’m supposed to be.
please do not repost - all other art here x :)

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